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that combine:

JUMP STARTING your vehicle 

as well as

CHARGING your phone and other electronic gadgets


These INCREDIBLE battery banks simplify your life:

  • small and light they confortably fit in your pocket

  • supplied with a variety of connectors to charge phones, mp3 players, etc., as well as with suitable jumper cables

  • most incredibly, they will jump start the malfunctioning batteries on your cars, dead battery on your car, motorcycle, or similar vehicles on your first try !!!


Simply charge the device for just a few hours with the supplied wall outlet power adapter or with the cigaret lighter outlet on your vehicle.  The device will retain its charge for many hours or days so you can use it as described above, many times before you have to recharge it again.


Produced by a leading Lithium Ion battery manufacturer with advanced research and production capability and years of experience supplying components to the auto industry.

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